"A journey back in time that tells a life history of innovation and entrepreneurship inseparable from the history of the Brazilian furniture industry. A gaze that was far beyond his own time."

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Aldo Cini Museum has been created to preserve the memory of the life of an entrepreneur, one who is inseparable from the Brazilian furniture industry`s own history. Full of difficulties overcome, ambitions, dreams and a vision that saw far beyond its own time.

Aldo Cini has dedicated his life, not only to the companies he founded, but to the furniture industry as a whole. To its expansion, maturing and recognition. He has created products and foreseen markets far ahead of his time. He has been called a visionary and trusted in his intuition, pointing out paths that continue guiding the family business.

In order to tell Aldo Cini’s story, we need to also mention the important role his father played in teaching him more than just a profession, but courage and the pursuit of innovation as well. For his part, his father learned from the example of his antecessors, who came to Brazil in search of better living conditions. This cultural inheritance carried with it the memory of hard work and an entrepreneurial vision that constitutes the Cini family essence.

In this way, this journey to the past has the objective of recognizing and valuing the experiences of previous ...

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Ciro Cini Metal Shop

Aldo’s father, Ciro Cini, built a two-story wooden home with the idea of using the ground floor for a workshop where he could do repair work and other metal shop services. Ciro opened the doors of what would become Ciro Cini Metal Shop, the first business venture in the long history of the Cini family’s entrepreneurship in Brazil.

In 1951, after ...

Aldo Cini’s Artistic and Industrial Metal Shop

After a difficult period at the end of the 1950s, with his father’s illness and death, Aldo took responsibility for running the company and registered it under the name Serralheria Artística e Industrial Aldo Cini (Aldo Cini’s Artistic and Industrial Metal Shop).

In his first company, Aldo Cini already demonstrated his untiring pursuit of innovation and competitiveness. He began designing vertically ...

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