Museum History

Aldo Cini Museum has been created to preserve the memory of the life of an entrepreneur, one who is inseparable from the Brazilian furniture industry`s own history. Full of difficulties overcome, ambitions, dreams and a vision that saw far beyond its own time.

Aldo Cini has dedicated his life, not only to the companies he founded, but to the furniture industry as a whole. To its expansion, maturing and recognition. He has created products and foreseen markets far ahead of his time. He has been called a visionary and trusted in his intuition, pointing out paths that continue guiding the family business.

In order to tell Aldo Cini’s story, we need to also mention the important role his father played in teaching him more than just a profession, but courage and the pursuit of innovation as well. For his part, his father learned from the example of his antecessors, who came to Brazil in search of better living conditions. This cultural inheritance carried with it the memory of hard work and an entrepreneurial vision that constitutes the Cini family essence.

In this way, this journey to the past has the objective of recognizing and valuing the experiences of previous generations in building a solid foundation based on values and traditions that can serve as an example, so that future generations can keep the legacy alive.

Who was Aldo Cini?

Aldo Cini was born in 1933 in Garibaldi, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. He has a degree in business administration. Founder and current president of Madesa Móveis, a well respected company with 35 years of history in the furniture business. Founder and first president of Movergs (Rio Grande do Sul Furniture Manufacturers Association), president of Sindmóveis (Bento Gonçalves Furniture Manufacturing and Construction Syndicate) and vice-president of Afam, now Abimóvel (Brazilian Furniture Manufacturing Association). As part of his philanthropic activity, he has served as president of the board of Clube Aliança in Bento Gonçalves, president of the Ciretema youth scouting chapter of Bento Gonçalves, and president of the Bento Gonçalves Rotary Club. He is currently a benefactor-member of the Rotary Club in Bom Princípio, Rio Grande do Sul.